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Why Should You Sell Off the Shoulder Dresses for Your Store?

Why Should You Sell Off the Shoulder Dresses for Your Store? 0

Off the shoulder dresses have been around for decades and they have become more popular since, due to their appealing look and the lack of straps that make typical women’s attire look bland.

These dresses are very common to order from any wholesale clothing distributor, so no matter where you look, you will always find a selection of colors, materials, and styles to choose from. Even though the wearer reveals more skin from their arms and shoulders, the dress actually gives off a sophisticated look, making women look attractive without looking too skimpy.

When reading about how to buy wholesale clothing, you’ll find that off the shoulder dresses are in style regardless of time of year, as women love to wear them during the warmer seasons in addition to casual and formal outings. On top of that, an off the shoulder dress can be worn and styled in multiple ways so that you can achieve better comfort or beauty.

Here are four different occasions for women to wear an off the shoulder dress.


Off the shoulder dresses can be worn formally, whether to weddings, dinners, or other special occasions. Women rely on off the shoulder dresses to have a stylish dress that delivers on comfort so that they can feel calm and collected throughout the day. To complete the formal look of an off the shoulder dress, women just need high heels and accessories and they’ll be ready for an evening that is fun and / or romantic.


Off the shoulder dresses can also be worn casually. Due to the off the shoulder nature of these dresses, they make for a staple outfit for the summer. Women can also opt to wear one with a jacket, vest, or blouse, along with their favorite sandals, and they can look confident as they shop, enjoy lunch, or go sightseeing. Ladies can also look good with casual makeup and shoes so that they can feel carefree and unrestrained as they go out and about.


These dresses are also known for allowing women to dance, mingle, and have fun with friends at clubs and parties. Ladies love glamming up as they look dazzling underneath colorful lights while also showing some skin. Women often will style the off the shoulder dresses at parties with chokers and boots, and often tend to keep their hair straight in order to ‘let loose’ all night long.


Off the shoulder dresses are often frowned upon in the workplace, but when combined with other garments, nobody will notice if she is wearing one. If women still want comfort that this dress provides then they can also opt to wear a blouse, corset, or other garment in order to cover up their shoulders. Especially when women love the color, material, and style of their dress, they will always look for ways to wear it whenever they can.
As you can see, off the shoulder dresses are worn for many different occasions, and are always sought after by women for them to look good all year round for one or more occasions. If you are looking to sell clothes, be sure that off the shoulder dresses are always in stock so that you’ll always get a popular item sold all throughout the year.
Off the shoulder dresses are always popular and sought after by many women who are buying clothes throughout the year. They can also be combined with accessories and other garment to create some totally unique outfits. Consider ordering these versatile dresses that women can purchase and wear for many different occasions.

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4 Smart Ways To Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

4 Smart Ways To Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers 0

Are you looking for a wholesale clothing retailer for your retail outlet? Doing so will be easier if you have a clear idea about the type of apparels you want to sell. There are some steps you can adopt to find a trustworthy boutique wholesale vendors who deal in women’s clothing. Gain a clear understanding of the distribution channels of your industry. Know the specific place in the supply chain, which will help you find a trustworthy wholesale supplier.

In case you are selling branded items, get in touch with the apparel’s manufacturer directly. If they sell their products through distribution channels, ask them to provide you with a list of distributors you can contact. Utilize a wholesale directory to acquire a list of distributors from the manufacturer. Start contacting the distributors. To make sure that you get the best replies, be clear about your needs. Ensure that your emails are short, apt and friendly.

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Learning About How Much Clothes to Order for Online Boutiques

Learning About How Much Clothes to Order for Online Boutiques 0

When starting an online clothing business, you are likely wondering how much clothing you need to order, but that also comes with additional questions such as how much do the clothes cost, how much money would you like to make, and where are you going to store these clothes. That does not even mention the time it requires to write product descriptions, take pictures of each product, and write meta tags so that customers can find your items in and outside your website.

Knowing how much clothes you should order for your store is easy, so long as you diligently go through this four-step process.

Set Up A Budget

You should first put aside an amount of money of what you are willing to spend on your inventory. Additionally, you can create a spreadsheet (either in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) as a means to keep track of what you spend your money on and how much. You can use a spreadsheet to calculate how much money your order of clothes would cost before you buy it so that you can make changes to the quantity of each item.

Find the Right-Sized Storage Space

Finding a place to store all your inventory is also just as important. Physical stores have the luxury of having their own backrooms and inventory rooms that they can use freely, so online-only retailers must find space to store their clothes. To save money, store owners keep LA wholesale clothing in a room inside their own homes, but if that isn’t an option, the next best thing would be to rent a self-storage unit. When dealing with clothes, they must be stored in a cool, dry place. No matter where you end up storing your merchandise, you also have to take hangers, racks, and containers into account.

Buy Clothes for Next Season

Never order clothes for the current season. This is because you will end up with fewer sales than expected and with much less time to sell it. Instead, order clothes for the upcoming season. If it’s summer currently, order clothes for the fall. Many stores plan even five to six months in advance for a specific season, just so that they have time to advertise the clothes and get it all ready to sell before the season even begins.

Learn About Risk and Reward

When owning a business, it’s important to know that risks are taken in order to reap large rewards. If you play it safe and don’t take risks, then don’t expect to make much money. But it’s not the luck of the draw, by any means, as it takes instinct to know what will sell and what won’t. When ordering new clothes, be sure that you order clothes that you know will sell. Consider the color, style, and quality of each garment and make a judgment on if this will be something a lot of people will want.

When it comes to risks and rewards, it’s also crucial to learn that investing in more clothes doesn’t always mean making more money. Before you order a new shipment of clothes, learn about how much you can actually spend so that you also learn about how much you can afford to lose. The more clothes you buy, the more difficult it might be to sell out before the season is over.


It can be hard to know how much clothes to order for store owners. They can get a good idea, however, when considering their budget, inventory space, and planning so that they can get a sizable revenue cycle going.

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Fabrics to Choose for Spring and Summer Clothing

Fabrics to Choose for Spring and Summer Clothing 0

It’s time for clothing merchants to think about what to offer for their spring and summer collections. When the temperature rises to reflect the warmer seasons, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that folks will be only wearing short shorts and tank tops. Fashion-savvy consumers will love being able to choose from many types of clothes to create various outfits in, especially in the spring when it becomes less cold outside.

Even if it’s still winter time, clothing merchants must be on the ball to offer spring apparel early so that they can get an advantage in sales. Don’t wait until the first day of spring to look for wholesale clothes, even if spring comes later than scheduled for your area.

If you are looking for how to buy wholesale clothing for the spring, here are four fabrics to consider ordering.


This is a very popular fabric for shirts and other garments. Not only is it highly available, but it’s also affordable and can be worn in the summer and fall months, too. Everyone owns cotton clothing in some form, and it’s a material that you can never have too much of.

Oddly enough, we rely on cotton to keep us warm in the winter, as well. It’s a breathable fabric, which is one reason why it works to keep people comfortable. It won’t keep hot air inside, so you are sure to stay cool as expected.


Popular for bedding, linen is a smooth-feeling fabric that is also capable of keeping you cool in warm weather. Compared to cotton, linen offers a lower thread count. Fewer fibers means more breathability.

For linen being a thin and lightweight fabric, it is also very durable. While the misconception is that linen feels too delicate to be worn for everyday use, that isn’t true at all. Linen is actually the most durable natural fiber on the planet. Linen can also absorb one fifth of its weight before starting to feel damp, making it a great fabric to wear for people who cannot stand sweating.

Tropical Weight Wool

Wool is often considered a winter fabric due to its weight and feel. It’s tropical weighted variation, however, is lighter and less dense. This makes it more acceptable to wear in the spring and summer months, so you can still have a nice-feeling fabric.

Tropical weight wool is ideal for business wear, so if consumers are looking for nice slacks and jackets that won’t make them feel hot by the end of the day, it is a great option that is smoother and lighter like linen.


A fabric synonymous with luxury, silk is not as common as other spring and summer fabrics, but people who wear it will certainly feel cool and satisfying when the time is right to wear it. Aside from being shiny and beautiful, it is also very light. Silk is also on the pricier side of the clothing spectrum, however.

While silk is nice, consumers will tend to wear silk sparingly, as they should. Silk will actually wear out faster than other fabrics in direct sunlight, meaning it will not last as long. We consider silk to be a great spring fabric, but not so much for the summer.


During the winter is when clothing merchants should be looking for spring wholesale clothes to sell. The four primary fabrics for the spring are cotton, linen, tropical weight wool, and silk, all of which are light and breathable fabrics that consumers find very comfortable to wear. Consider looking for wholesale spring clothing as soon as possible.

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