Fashion Trends in 2021

colorful blouses on a rack

At long last! The entire country is heaving a vast sigh of relief as the nightmare(s) of 2020 seems to be fading. The 2021 fashion trends celebrate this sense of release. There's a feeling that the suffering is over, and it's time to party! From bright, bold colors to micro-mini skirts, we are eager to see and be seen. Upcoming fashion trends include glitter, sequins, sheer fabrics, crop tops, netting, cut-outs, and more, all geared for a joyful, look-at-me-now sensibility. The following are the latest boutique trends you cannot afford to be without.

Go Bold with Color

2021 fashion color trends are going all-in on optimism with a joyful abandon. Colors are bright and bold and no longer just for an accent. For 2021 fashion, color is the main event. Even the pastel shades are in sherbet tones, filled with energy and light. Although "Illuminating," a clear, sunny yellow is the It color of the season, we're seeing a riot of rainbow-bright hues, including green, turquoise, magenta, bubble gum, pink, tangerine, cerulean blue, orchid, and burnt coral. The colors are clear and cheery, a deliberate antidote to stress and uncertainty. You'll see vibrantly colored suits, outerwear, and head-to-toe looks, as well as tops and dresses.

Skin is In

As if to flaunt the freedom to escape our homes and return to a more normal life, we are shedding our inhibitions and showing plenty of skin this season. 2021 fashion trends like bralette tops, micro-mini skirts, open-backed dresses, midriff-baring crop tops, and cut-outs galore declare that bare skin is the must-have fashion accessory of the season. Even jackets are cropped this season.

Go with the Flow

Skinny jeans and cigarette pants are giving way to wide-legged trousers and styles that flow with every step. The look is elegant and sophisticated—think Katherine Hepburn's office wear. Structured pants and jeans seem to float around the legs. Even leggings are updated with a flared leg. "Flared leggings vs. yoga pants" seems to be the latest culture Gen Z/ Millennial clash. But both sides agree on one thing: it's the latest fashion boutique must-have. 

Luxurious Leisure

Dressing for both comfort and style continues on-trend fashion wholesale for boutiques. Comfy, cute sweats sets are getting a style upgrade with luxe ribbed knits and mid-weight terry. The 2021 athleisure trend combines elements of the trends listed above. Candy shades of bubble gum pink and mint green are popular for comfortable tops and pants that go to the gym or out to lunch with equal panache. Flared leggings (you know, there really is a difference!) are paired with updated, one-shoulder sports bras featuring multiple cut-outs and criss-crossed straps.

Say it with Stripes 

The bolder color pallet of 2021 fashion trends is at play, with bright, multi-colored stripes going in all directions. These aren't subtle pinstripes but joyful, saturated fruit hues in broad strokes. The style is energizing. Play with this look by displaying head-to-toe stripes for the adventurous while offering a more accessible version by topping a pair of wide-legged denim jeans with a rainbow-bright striped top

One and Done with Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses in bright colors, bold stripes, or playful prints are everywhere for 2021. Backless or featuring cut-outs or high slits, many styles manage to merge the head-to-toe look with tasteful glimpses of skin. On-trend for wholesale fashion now, maxi dresses are expected to remain must-haves for fall and winter, too, in warmer, softer fabrics and with plenty of layers. The versatile style changes personality with a simple change of shoes and jewelry.

Tie One on with Tie Dye

Tie-dye undeniably had a moment in 2020, when WTF and WFH collided. Tie-dye continues to dazzle among 2021 fashion trends, with a more sophisticated interpretation that's less DIY and more deliberate design. Gone are the chaotic, psychedelic styles. In their place, we see elegant tone on tone, playful candy colors, new-age tribal prints in earth tones, and chic color combos. What was "needs must" of yesteryear has become a grown-up must-have.

Bold Shoulders

"In times of insecurity and instability, shoulder pads are like armor," so says Savannah College of Art and Design fashion director Rafael Gomes. Dramatic shoulder pads, poofed shoulders, pleated shoulders, even demurely gathered shoulders are all-important upcoming fashion trends for your boutique. Offset the volume with a waist-cinching belt for a silhouette that is both feminine and powerful. 

Armed with these 2021 fashion trends, this looks to be a breakout season for boutiques as people throw off the fears of 2020 and embrace a return to life and fashion!

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