How to Come Up With Boutique Name Ideas


How to come up with boutique name ideas


You have made the commitment — you're going to open your own boutique! You know exactly where you’ll get your wholesale boutique clothing, and you can’t wait to get started. Just one thing… what will you name it? It seems like a simple thing, but it is so critical! The right boutique name will be memorable and make people feel the way you want them to about your shop. It also should be user-friendly, future-proof, available, and affordable — no wonder you're stumped! Let's look at what makes for great boutique name ideas and how to choose the one that's best for you.

How Does it Make You Feel?

How do you want your customers to feel about your boutique or about themselves when they shop with you? Forever 21 feels youthful. Beautifeel wants you to look and feel beautiful in their shoes. The North Face is all about outdoor wear for the adventurous. Consider the descriptive terms you would apply to your boutique, your niche, and your target audience. 

Make Boutique Names User-Friendly

It is essential to make your online boutique name easy to spell so potential customers can always find you. Unfortunately, most of us aren't great spellers, and there is still no automated "Did you mean…" system in place to help correct inaccurately typed URLs. So, make it easy for your customers to spell the name you choose.  

When you narrow down your list of cute boutique names, share them with friends and family members. Tell them the name and see how they spell it. Show them the name and ask them to read it aloud. Type it into Google to see in what other contexts the words appear.

What are Future-Proof Boutique Names?

When you work to come up with boutique name ideas, you want a name that won't impede your future plans. For instance, Hugs n Cuddles might be a really cute boutique name for infants' clothing and accessories. But, if you intend to expand into kidswear and preteens, you might want to reconsider. Or you might love the whimsy of Ducks and Dinosaurs for a kids' boutique name. But if you hope to include clothing for adults down the road, you might want to keep looking.

Is the Boutique Name Available?

Before you fall in love with a new boutique name idea, check to see if it's available as a website domain name. It is much easier for customers to find you when your web address is the same as your boutique name, for instance, Hugs n Cuddles and Use the GoDaddy domain search to learn whether your ideal domain name is available. If your perfect name is not available as a .com, it may be available with another extension like .shop, .live, or .us. However, assume that some customers will search the name using the .com extension because it's the one that is the most familiar.

Is the Boutique Name Affordable?

Usually, you'll pay between $2 and $10 to purchase and register a domain name. But, let's say you want the name Your Style. It's memorable, it makes your customer feel good, it's easy to spell, allows for future expansion, and is available! With a price tag of $29,999! The value of a strong domain name like this is so well recognized that some people buy up domain names just waiting for someone to come along who's willing to buy it from them for a steep markup. For this reason, some of the shortest, strongest names are available, but only for a hefty price. 

How to Come Up with a Boutique Name

Now, let's see how to come up with a boutique name by generating lots and lots of ideas. To make the name meaningful, try starting with keywords like fashion, boutique, stylish, and add in those that address your niche, like vintage, formalwear, bohemian, or sportswear. Break out a thesaurus. Make a list of all the terms that apply, whether you like the words or not. This stage is brainstorming, so don't limit your creativity! 

Next, make a second list of words that are deeply meaningful to you. Include your name, your children's names, pets', siblings', friends', parents', and grandparents' names. Add in initials and nicknames, too. Finally, if you want southern boutique name ideas or something with international flair, include the names of your favorite cities or destinations.

Pair up your two lists of terms. Play with the combinations, and see what you like, what speaks to you. For added inspiration, try plugging your top keywords into the Twinword ideas generator. Or check out the Looka business name generator, which allows you to enter multiple terms as well as check domain availability.

Don't Limit Your Boutique Name Ideas

As you generate boutique name ideas, consider using an acronym or an abbreviation. Some of the world's biggest brands were named that way. For example, M&M stands for Mars & Murrie's, and 3M stands for The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Play around with your options to find what suits you and your boutique best. 

As you narrow your boutique name ideas to several favorites, consider how you would incorporate the name into a logo, a tag line, or an email signature. See how it feels to put the boutique name to work. If your cute boutique name is memorable, feels good, is user-friendly, future-proof, available, affordable, and makes for a killer logo — you're in business!

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