Five Types of Fabrics to Sell for Winter

It’s that time of year to stock your store up on cozy winter wear. When it comes to selling clothes, there are many kinds of fabrics made for cold weather, but they’re not all the same. Both businesses and consumers alike have to be aware of what each fabric can do as well as their downsides. So, with that said, here are the five most common fabrics for winter clothes.

You bet that wholesale clothing vendors for boutiques will have garments available in cotton. Cotton is often associated with summer, but cotton is also a material that can be sewn into many thicknesses. When it is thin, it’s breathable, but when it is thick, it can penetrate outside air. Cotton is still soft when thick, but a downside to cotton is that it can be absorbent, so it’s a great idea to also wear an outer layer along with cotton. Cotton is a great alternative to wool, which some consumers might be allergic to. Cotton is a great fabric for shirts, sweaters, socks, scarves, and more.

Leather is a thick, rugged fabric that is great to wear all year round, not just winter. Leather can be made into jackets, leggings, and belts. At first, leather feels uncomfortable to wear, but after each use, it conforms to the body so it fits like a glove. It’s a material that improves with age. Leather is also extremely tough, and cold air doesn’t penetrate it. Leather is widely available in black, brown, tan, and other colors. Faux leather is an alternative to leather that does not use any animal products.

For clothing, wool is thick, plush, and beautiful. Traditional wool is commonly known to come from sheep, but synthetic versions of wool has also been popping up in stores recently. Wool is known to be one of the best insulators in clothing, as it creates air pockets inside each thread that repel any cold air and keep warm air inside. Wool is also a great choice in light of harsh weather conditions, so it is highly resistant to rain and snow. While wool may look heavy, it’s not always the case, either, as wool is known to be light as it is durable. Wool is a great fabric for casual wear.

Fleece is made into coats, jackets, pants, and pullovers. Fleece is almost exclusive to being a winter-only garment, as it does a great job keeping the wearer warm. This fabric is light, and it also feels either fluffy or bushy, which makes it a great insulator to the cold, outdoor air. Fleece is also very affordable to buy wholesale. The downside to fleece is it doesn’t hold up well to rain or snow, thus, you will need to wear a heavier coat to do this job.

Fur is one of the oldest known fabrics to keep people warm. Known for being really fluffy, it can both keep cold air out as well as snow and water. Fur is also known to be fashionable, especially for women, making them stand out more in addition to staying warm. Like leather, there is a faux version of fur that consumers can enjoy all the same.

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