Fabrics to Choose for Spring and Summer Clothing

It’s time for clothing merchants to think about what to offer for their spring and summer collections. When the temperature rises to reflect the warmer seasons, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that folks will be only wearing short shorts and tank tops. Fashion-savvy consumers will love being able to choose from many types of clothes to create various outfits in, especially in the spring when it becomes less cold outside.

Even if it’s still winter time, clothing merchants must be on the ball to offer spring apparel early so that they can get an advantage in sales. Don’t wait until the first day of spring to look for wholesale clothes, even if spring comes later than scheduled for your area.

If you are looking for how to buy wholesale clothing for the spring, here are four fabrics to consider ordering.


This is a very popular fabric for shirts and other garments. Not only is it highly available, but it’s also affordable and can be worn in the summer and fall months, too. Everyone owns cotton clothing in some form, and it’s a material that you can never have too much of.

Oddly enough, we rely on cotton to keep us warm in the winter, as well. It’s a breathable fabric, which is one reason why it works to keep people comfortable. It won’t keep hot air inside, so you are sure to stay cool as expected.


Popular for bedding, linen is a smooth-feeling fabric that is also capable of keeping you cool in warm weather. Compared to cotton, linen offers a lower thread count. Fewer fibers means more breathability.

For linen being a thin and lightweight fabric, it is also very durable. While the misconception is that linen feels too delicate to be worn for everyday use, that isn’t true at all. Linen is actually the most durable natural fiber on the planet. Linen can also absorb one fifth of its weight before starting to feel damp, making it a great fabric to wear for people who cannot stand sweating.

Tropical Weight Wool

Wool is often considered a winter fabric due to its weight and feel. It’s tropical weighted variation, however, is lighter and less dense. This makes it more acceptable to wear in the spring and summer months, so you can still have a nice-feeling fabric.

Tropical weight wool is ideal for business wear, so if consumers are looking for nice slacks and jackets that won’t make them feel hot by the end of the day, it is a great option that is smoother and lighter like linen.


A fabric synonymous with luxury, silk is not as common as other spring and summer fabrics, but people who wear it will certainly feel cool and satisfying when the time is right to wear it. Aside from being shiny and beautiful, it is also very light. Silk is also on the pricier side of the clothing spectrum, however.

While silk is nice, consumers will tend to wear silk sparingly, as they should. Silk will actually wear out faster than other fabrics in direct sunlight, meaning it will not last as long. We consider silk to be a great spring fabric, but not so much for the summer.


During the winter is when clothing merchants should be looking for spring wholesale clothes to sell. The four primary fabrics for the spring are cotton, linen, tropical weight wool, and silk, all of which are light and breathable fabrics that consumers find very comfortable to wear. Consider looking for wholesale spring clothing as soon as possible.

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