Spring Collection 2020

Spring 2020 is headed our way and we're here to report that things look unclear. We have some ideas of what will be strong but we're still not sure if tie dye will make a strong push again.

At this point we can expect color blocks, stripes & animal to be good sellers but expect a strong floral showing and a reemergence of crochet and lace.

As mentioned what is yet to be seen is if tie dye will go on another tear. Tie dye will make a showing but to what significance we are not sure. I would expect some cute baby doll tie dye dresses to do really well and I'm sure we will see an incredibly dynamic tie dye print come off the tables that will make a big splash.
I was surprised to see animal do as well as it did in Fall 2020 but it just goes to show you how strong that trend has been and likely will continue to be.  Expect to see a couple new renditions of this print come in the form of large, cute and colorful.
You have to expect anything in Spring/Summer 2021. Coming off the heels of a pandemic when everyone as been bundled up and closed off we could see some incredibly expressive trends come out of such a pressure cooker. The pandemic I believe was in large part why tie dye did so well last year, not too mention it was a trend decades in the making as it cyclically made its way back from the 90's. With that logic this fortune teller is thinking tie dye will show up strong once more.