Bloom Drop Shipping Program

1. Apply by filling out a short questionnaire (link takes you to about your business and goals so we can determine if we're a good match.

2. Once approved, you will get a 1 month free trial to evaluate the boutique program.  Once you have access to the site you can select clothes to showcase on your website, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can also purchase samples of any style to showcase in a live sale or in person.

3. You can sync your Shopify website with our data feed and all of our products will instantly upload to your site and keep accurate inventory. It will even sync orders so you don't ever have to input any customer shipping information again!

4. Still have questions? No worries, once you are signed up we provide step-by-step instructions, tutorials and best practices on how to run your boutique operation and utilize our services.


Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer a remarkable advantage over conventional retailers to connect with an unlimited number of customers. With our service you can invest 100% of your time and energy on developing relationships and securing customers. We literally do everything else from sourcing product, model images, style descriptions, stocking inventory and shipping. You have nothing to lose but your energy and time.

      1. No Shipping - Shipping is one of the most consuming aspects of running an online business; leave that hassle to us as we will process the orders, neatly pack them in our protective poly bags and ship them direct to your customers with a customized shipping label that features your boutique name.
      2. It's All about the Clothes - We have a passion for discovering the latest fashion trends and passing down big savings. We accomplish this with a talented team based in our Los Angeles office and long standing relationships with clothing manufacturers. We do the shoots to make beautiful lifestyle photo, catalogue all the clothing items and write the fabric and sizing descriptions. All you do is copy and paste!
      3. No Risk - Partner with Bloom Drop Ship services to jump start your fashion boutique with no upfront inventory cost. Only pay for what you sell to eliminate risk. Control pricing, shipping cost and profit margins.
      4. No Inventory - Bloom Wholesale is an established and reliable apparel business who buys thousands of quality, on-trend clothes every day. Our team selects top selling styles and uploads them to the drop ship portal weekly. Just select what you like, upload the items to your site and start selling!

Click here to sign up and see if you're a fit!