Tips to Find the Perfect Wholesale Supplier

If you are looking for a wholesale clothing supplier that will work with you for years and form a long-term business relationship, then this article will be the perfect place to start. We will share some helpful tips to find that perfect vendor who understands your business needs.

That being said, let us see the things you must consider before hiring a wholesale supplier.

Domestic Supplier Vs. Overseas

When hiring wholesale clothing suppliers, you must first determine if you want to work with a domestic supplier or overseas. Needless to say, both come with their own pros and cons and suitable to different kinds of business models. So before you choose which supplier to work with, you must define your business requirements and then pick one of the two depending on who serves your needs better.

Research the Supplier

When that is out of the way, you must start researching the supplier by using online directories. You will be able to find all the information you need online, be it domestic or overseas supplier. However, if you don't find enough details on the internet, then consider this as a red flag and continue looking. Additionally, you can also ask for referrals from your friends or business partners. You can ask for recommendations, check social media channels, or simply do an online search with basic keywords such as Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for Boutiques etc. Some businesses also participate in trade fairs to meet industry suppliers under one rood and to build their network.

Request for Quote

Once you find a supplier who meets all your business needs, then the next important step is to ask for a quotation. Ask them for their price list based on quantities and delivery timelines. When asking for quote, make sure the supplier includes all the pertinent details such as inclusions and exclusions. They shouldn’t waste your time by going back and forth on the emails, providing important information in bits and pieces. Ask about discounts for bulk orders and tell them to give you a quote as per various quantities to get a fair idea of the ongoing market price.

Turnaround Time, Shipping and Payment Terms

Once you are satisfied with the quote, ask about shipping terms and delivery timelines. When you are in clothing business, timing is everything. Ask them how long they will take to ship the items to you and the time it will take to deliver. Another important question is to ask about their payment terms. It goes without saying that the payment terms vary from supplier to supplier. So make sure you know what to expect for the money you are paying.

These tips are the basics for finding a wholesale clothing suppler that will stay with you for years to come and deliver as per your requirement. Don't forget to ask for samples to evaluate their business ethics and delivery standards.

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