The Basic Animal Prints Used in Wholesale Clothing

Animal prints have been a popular pattern for casual attire for decades. These prints are colorful, expressive, and make a nice alternative to other patterns such as stripes and floral prints. They are also suitable to wear for both kids and adults. For the ladies, they have easily made their way into fashion and have become serious elements in creating a stylish outfit. Animal prints are also made of typical clothing fabrics, so they are not made of real animal fur or pelts.

The Feline Family of Prints

The most popular type of animal print is from the feline family in the animal kingdom; most specifically, the exotic spotted big cats: The leopard, the cheetah, and the jaguar. It’s hard to tell these cats apart at first, but once you know their distinctions in appearance, it will be common knowledge to you how their fur patterns work.

Leopards have warm tan fur with light brown spots that have heavy, irregular black outlines. This certain appearance is called the rosette, and rosettes greatly vary in shape and size. The leopard print definitely has a certain attitude to it that makes it the most popular of the cat prints used in fashion. Of the three, the leopard print is the most colorful.

Cheetahs have a more muted tan or light brown fur, with simply round spots that have a uniform pattern to them. The cheetah print is the simplest of the three prints, and have characteristics similar to polka dots, but many can easily identify it as an animal print once they see it.

Jaguars have the most elaborate of the three patterns. Their fur is mostly a muted or pale tan with light brown spots. This is similar to the jaguar with one exception. There are series of black spots within the brown spots, which also include the heavy, irregular outline you see in a leopard.

When you buy clothing wholesale, you can buy animal dresses, blouses, and face masks. These animal prints can be made today to have unnatural variations to them that still look appealing for women. These include a monochrome pink animal dress and rainbow gradient face mask with all white rosettes.
Other Animal Prints

Apart from the spotted cats, there are also other animal prints that you can find in fashion and can be just as stylish.

Zebras prints are arguably the most popular striped animal print design, featuring white fur with a series of plentiful black stripes. The black and white look of zebra print allow the garment to go with just about anything in one’s wardrobe.

Tigers are indeed cats as well, but their prints are not similar in any way to the other cats mentioned. Tiger prints are easily distinguishable by the orange fur with irregular black stripes. While tigers are animals that people are fonder of over the three spotted cats, tiger prints in fashion are not as common in comparison, but still can have their rightful place in people’s wardrobes.

For reptilian lovers, snakeskin prints are also common. The color scheme is similar to traditional camouflage, but offers a scaly texture with large white spots and dark outlines. Snakeskin has a personality all of its own, and can be often mistaken for a cultural pattern when applied to larger articles of clothing.


There are various clothes that stores can sell that come in animal print, with the three spotted cats being the most popular. Other animal prints used in fashion include zebras, tigers, and snakes. All these prints come with their own style and flare.

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