How To Attract Customers To Your Wholesale Clothing Store Amid A Sales Slump

When selling wholesale clothing on a yearly basis, you are sure to get down periods at certain times of year, even if you offer clothing for each of the four seasons. Down periods are times in which fewer people buy clothes from you, whether you expect it or not. You will want to continue making money in order to keep business afloat, but of course, you are still planning on the upcoming season in order to get new products in before they are ready.

Here are three tips for what you can do in the event of a wholesale clothing retail slump.

Make Changes To Your Store Or Website

For clothing store owners that have a physical retail space, you can consider reconfiguring or make changes to your store’s layout in order to update its look and make it feel brand new to customers. You don’t have to order new retail aisles, per se, but you can think of ways to make the store more convenient overall with a newer layout, featuring sections more ideal for customers looking for certain items over others.

For website owners, you can consider making changes to your website so that it looks more appealing and navigable to your online customers. If you feel your website is fine as is, you can consider creating new content for it, such as a blog, so that you can create informative posts that help to attract more customers to your site. If all you have is one or multiple social media accounts, it is crucial that you stay active by posting photos and updates on a regular basis. Photos of recent customers in their new clothes is a way for others to know you are doing good business, as well as give some of your products a great spotlight.

Offer New Products

You are probably waiting for new clothes next season before you go and order them, but perhaps the reason why your current inventory isn’t selling is due to the lack in variety. You should always introduce new items in your store on a regular basis if you are counting on customers to keep returning. If you haven't updated your “new arrivals” page on your website in a month, customers likely aren’t going to check back as often because there is nothing new that you are offering them. You should always have new items coming in every now and then in order to keep customers looking forward to your wares rather than wait until next season.

Promote Special Sales And Try To Reach Out To Loyal Customers

Of course, if you are experiencing a slump in sales, then a special promotion is a good attempt at making more money. You can mark products down to about 10 to 15 percent in hopes of making additional sales in times of a down period.

You can also consider referring to loyal customers in your mailing list and reach out to them via email. You can treat them to exclusive deals which can help you move your products along, as well as keep them interested in your store moving forward.


A few times each year, clothing stores will go on a down period due to lack of sales. There are a number of ways that store owners can combat this. They include making big changes to their store or website, offering new products more frequently than normal, and conducting special sales and discounts. These are all proven to be helpful when trying to make money before the next big event of the year.

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