The Fall Trends We're Seeing

Listed below are some of the ongoing and up and coming trends we are seeing develop for the Fall and Winter season of 2018.

  1. Floral doesn't seem to be going anywhere. This printed combined with a variation of either stripes, color blocks or polkadots is doing especially well.


  1. Dusters appear to be coming on strong. The midi cardigan or the full fledged dusters seem to be a crowd favorite. With as strong as kimonos were in the Spring it's know surprise that this style is continuing on in the form of long cardigans and dusters.

Midi Cardigan

  1. Thick Sweaters or chunky sweaters did great last year and have take on another life in 2018, we are seeing stripe variated and color block sweaters do extremely well.

Thick Sweaters

  1. The for-mentioned stripe and colorblock design is doing great as well. We're seeing both thick and thin stripes do well and of course the variated is taking off.

  1. Look for leopard to be a winner this season. Hints of it showed itself in late spring and some wholesalers are even testing out snake skins with good results thus far. 

- Rachel

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