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Neutral Colors You Can Find in Wholesale Clothing 0

You might have heard of warm and cool colors before. These colors leave impressions on people in fashion, interior design and many more industries. Warm colors are meant to help a person relax and feel at home, whereas cool colors are meant to invigorate and energize. There are warm and cool versions of nearly every color, even purple and yellow, but did you know where are also a select few colors that are known as neutral colors?

Neutral colors are colors that do not intend to compete with any other color. As a matter of fact, they work well with any color regardless of tone or hue. Wholesale clothing distributors design clothes in neutral colors all the time so that they can be visually compatible with other garments and accessories that you might own. Here are all the known neutral colors that we will go over.


Everybody should own clothing in white, from outfits to undershirts. White is the color of innocence, purity, cleanliness, and peace. On its own, white may seem like a boring color to some, but when paired with other colors, white makes for a perfect accomplice when trying to go for a stylish outfit. Due to its bright nature, white creates good contrast with dark colors. If you have different-colored garments and accessories, a white dress or top can make them all look like one-of-a-kind outfits.


Black stands for elegance, sophistication, control, and mystery. Black can also be used to symbolize cleanliness as it can hide stains better than white attire can. When you think of black attire, you often think of luxury and class. Wholesale clothing distributors commonly create clothing in black as it is an excellent contrast to white and other bright colors, like a pale pink or blue.


Gray spans a number of different shades, from light gray to charcoal gray. It has the versatility that neither white not black doesn’t. Dark white and light black are technically just shade of gray too! Gray has a timeless look and feel to it that makes it very appealing to designers of various industries. It is great for old fashioned and modern themes alike. Depending on the shade of gray, it can contrast with dark color, light colors, or even both.


Brown is synonymous with nature, flavor, richness, stabilization, and comfort. While most people associate brown with warm colors, due to how relaxing and comfortable it looks, it actually goes great with a multitude of other warm or cool colors from burnt orange to mint green. While the previous three neutral colors often associate with the corporate world, brown is a more down-to-earth color that is more often found in casual attire.


Tan and beige are colors that are often similar to light or moderate grays, but they are typically leaning towards the warmer color pallet. Modest, organic and authentic are characteristics that are synonymous with tan. Often a staple in homebuilding, tan is a safe, timeless color that never loses style or become obsolete over time. Lighter than brown, tan has a more friendly and loyal approach.


While navy is a dark shade of blue, it is a very popular color among both men and women for good reason. From business to casual, navy blue works in any environment and occasion. Navy is the color of trust, confidence, wisdom, and sincerity. It is a staple in many different styles of attire, such as nautical style, and makes for a wonderful contrast to bright colors such as white, pink, and light blue.

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Five Common Patterns to Consider In Wholesale Clothing 0

Wholesale Clothing

Wholesale clothing sites are one of the best places to shop for clothes that are both stylish and affordable however if you are partial to only wearing solid-colored clothes, you don’t know what you are missing by wearing patterned clothing. 

As many shoppers learn how to buy wholesale clothing, they understand that having a palatable wardrobe is a good thing, and that even includes patterns. Patterns allow articles of clothing to feature more than one color in artistic or interesting ways. 


The stripes pattern is hands down the most common of them all. Stripes can go in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, but the most common is horizontal, especially on shirts. Stripes can vary in width, with one color have stripes that are wider or narrower than the other. 

Pinstripes, as a matter of fact, are a staple in luxury. Blazers and pants in navy blue feature very thin white stripes that signify power, class and sophistication. Stipes that are even in width, however, can pull off a balanced look. 


Also known as checkerboards or tiles, a check pattern consists of squares of two or more colors that alternate with one another in columns and rows across the article of clothing. The traditional check pattern, however, is very uncommon this day and age, and is used for throwback attire. 

A variation of the check pattern, however, is gingham. This pattern considers of squares of one color all lined up in front of a background in another color. The horizontal or vertical lines that this background consists of can also be wide or thin in appearance. 


Plaid is more complex, but it is also very trendy and relevant in most forms of fashion, especially for how to buy wholesale clothing. Plaid normally involves two or more colors that are woven together into vertical and horizontal bands, with one of them fairly thick and the others being thinner. 

When these bands meet, they create additional colors. Plaid is mostly common in clothes that are made of wool. What is great about plaid is that it can both look vintage or modern to help you pull off the look that you are going for. 


Paisley is a wonderful pattern that consists of various unusual shapes and colors. This raindrop-like design has origins dating back hundreds of years ago in Middle Eastern countries. With a paisley design, colors tend to play off each other to give off a certain vibe. Paisley is a bold print and is well admired in the fashion industry for its unique appearance, style versatility, and old-fashioned charm. 


Cheetah or Leopard print clothes simply come with attitude, and are commonly found in apparel for women and girls. Cheetah print clothes are common in tan, which is a neutral color that goes well with any other color. Try cheetah printed clothing along with colors such as pink, brown, or blue, and notice a real difference in your appearance. 



Always a crowd pleaser, you will see floral hit every year especially when Summer seasons begin.  This print has been especially popular the last couple years and it's just now starting to take a dip.
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The Fall Trends We're Seeing 0

Listed below are some of the ongoing and up and coming trends we are seeing develop for the Fall and Winter season of 2018.

  1. Floral doesn't seem to be going anywhere. This printed combined with a variation of either stripes, color blocks or polkadots is doing especially well.


  1. Dusters appear to be coming on strong. The midi cardigan or the full fledged dusters seem to be a crowd favorite. With as strong as kimonos were in the Spring it's know surprise that this style is continuing on in the form of long cardigans and dusters.

Midi Cardigan

  1. Thick Sweaters or chunky sweaters did great last year and have take on another life in 2018, we are seeing stripe variated and color block sweaters do extremely well.

Thick Sweaters

  1. The for-mentioned stripe and colorblock design is doing great as well. We're seeing both thick and thin stripes do well and of course the variated is taking off.

  1. Look for leopard to be a winner this season. Hints of it showed itself in late spring and some wholesalers are even testing out snake skins with good results thus far. 

- Rachel

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