These Fun Fabrics Are What You Need for Summer

Summer could come knocking at your door at a moment’s notice, which means the wool and polyester garments go back into the closet. Now cannot be a better time to get ready for summer and put together some stylish summer outfits for casual and/or for business.

But what is great to wear for the summer? You might have concerns that you will get too hot or will sweat too much, even when you’re with friends who might not be sweating at all. Just when you think that you wear clothes that are suitable for warm summer days, you still feel quite uncomfortable. The truth is, there are just certain fabrics of clothing that are more suitable for sunny weather than others.

There are a select number of materials for wearing when it’s hot outside, so here is how to buy wholesale clothing for the summer: 


If a fabric is light and airy, that makes for a great garment to wear for the summer weather. You can easily tell if a dress or shirt is light simply by holding it in your hand. If you can sense some weight inside the fabric, then it might not be ideal for wearing on an extremely hot day.


Garments with fine threading and loose weaves make for breathable fabrics, so it’s not exactly enough for garments to be light in order to be completely breathable. Some people often consider weight and breathability to go hand in hand with one another, but it is possible for light fabrics to be tight-knit, as heavier fabrics can also be loose-knit. 


Color also plays a role in preventing the wearer from sweating when it is hot outside. For how to buy wholesale clothing for the summer, consider light colors such as white or tan rather than darker colors, as lighter colors tend to reflect sunlight better. Wearing a black or dark colored garment will definitely contribute to how your body breathes; you might as well be wearing a black leather jacket.
But now that you have an idea of what makes a fabric great for wearing in hot weather, what are some fabrics that you should look for in summer clothing?


Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics for clothes, and has been around for a very long time. Cotton is light and breathable, but can also feel fuzzy and soft, almost like wool. Cotton also can absorb moisture, such as your own sweat, and can dry at a reasonable rate. Cotton can also be washed by a machine and has decent durability and affordability.


Linen is one of the best materials to wear for summer dresses, and it is so effective that it is what summer bed sheets are made of too. They are lighter than cotton, and they feel as smooth as silk. It also can dry just as fast as cotton. One takeaway from linen is that it can get wrinkly and crease easily.

Silk has a nice sheen to it, making it look more lavish than cotton or even linen, for that matter. Silk can be both tightly woven and loosely woven for added breathability. Silk, however, is not very durable, so if you do manage to sweat, the fabric won’t take kindly to it, unfortunately.


A synthetic material, rayon is made from an artificial process to give itself woven fibers. Rayon can help make colors pop in dresses better than any of the other materials. The takeaway from rayon is that this fabric can only be dry-cleaned, so washing machines should be off limits.

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