A History and Guide to Cardigans

When browsing for clothing to buy wholesale for your store, you may not be familiar with the types of garments due to their unusual names. Many women just know their clothes as what they’ve always identified them as, such as sweaters, dresses, jackets, and more. One category of women’s apparel is known as the cardigan. But what is a cardigan and why order cardigans in bulk for resale?

A cardigan is a knitted sweater that has a zipped or buttoned front to it. It is available with or without collars, and is available in round of V-neck if there is no collar. The name “cardigan” comes from James Thomas Brudenell, who was the 7th Earl of Cardigan and the leader of the Charge of the Light Brigade in the year 1854.

Today’s cardigans sold by wholesale clothing vendors for boutiques are made of either fur or worsted wool, which was believed to be inspired by the cardigans worn by British Army officials during the Crimean war. Even if that really was not the case, garments made later had a few similarities with them.

History of The Cardigan

The first known cardigan was compared to a waistcoat or sleeveless vest. By 1864, however, designers came up with a sleeved version, which they called the “cardigan jacket”. Into the 1900s, the sleeved version became popular while the sleeveless version was being phased out. By the 1920s, the “cardigan jacket” was accepted as simply the “cardigan”, while any sleeveless cardigan was classified as such.
Early cardigans were all knitted by hand, and were worn for activities such as riding a bike, playing tennis and golf, and other recreational activities.

Cardigans were originally only designed for men, but in the 1880s and 1890s, they were also designed for women with features that were exclusive to their figures. These included nipped waists and full sleeves to better accommodate women’s bodies.

Throughout the 1900s, cardigans were often worn as a working glass jacket for people who wanted to both stay warm and still have a full range of motion. Sailors were one type of people who wore cardigans to their benefit. Conveniently for sailors, they have started to wear cardigans at a time in which fashionista were starting to pay attention to their nautical attire for inspiration.

In the 1920s, the cardigan caught on in the collegiate culture, where students would all own at least one for use around campus. Chanel and Patou were two brands that inspired pairing cardigans with other garments such as skirts and sweaters to create outfits. The term “cardigan” had become looser around this time, where any long jacket was classified as a “cardigan”.

Cardigans stayed popular until the 1930s, where they would go out of style in favor of newer fashion trends. They would go on to make a comeback every two decades to mesh with newer fashion trends at the time, with the cardigan also making waves in fashion in the 2010s.

Why Order Cardigans for Your Store

Cardigans today are considered versatile garments that men and women wear when going out and about outdoors. These garments also add depth to any wardrobe as well as an additional layer to any outfit. Thus, consumers are always looking for clothing such as cardigans to add to their collection of attire.

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